Hello Goose and Gander Farm Share Members!

Before signing up, please be sure you read through our CSA Information. It answers the most frequently asked questions, and includes updates for the 2019 season.


What is a CSA share?


Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA is an agreement between farmers (us) and our community (you). You are directly investing in our farm, and in exchange we give you a “share” of our 2019 harvest: 22 weeks of beautiful produce grown with our hands, right here in Carnation, Washington.

Our CSA shares are an investment in honest produce. We believe that healthy food begins with a healthy farm, and we will never use toxic chemicals on our soil or produce. We promise to deliver vibrant food grown responsibly, for the benefit of our community and our land.


CSA is about living mindfully, supporting sustainable business, and being an active participant in the food on your table. 

CSA is produce for the people!


What comes in each share?

Each share is a sampling of what's at it's peak on our farm on that very day. We fill your share 24 hours before each delivery, and the contents will change seasonally, from spring, to summer, to autumn. It's like opening a present every week!

Shares are a great way to eat wholesome food, for a better price. We stock each share with about 10% more produce than you could buy for the same price at a Farmer's Market. 

Here's a peek at what we have
planned for the 2019 season:



Salad mix
Salad onion
Swiss chard
Head lettuce


Head lettuce
Green beans
Salad onions


Salad mix
Savoy cabbage
Winter squash


How do I receive my share?

Your first share will be delivered in June, 2019. 

Shares are available for pick-up in the late afternoon each Tuesday for the duration of our CSA season, 22 weeks total. The final share will be delivered in November 2019.

Goose and Gander Farm's CSA is a pick-up service. When you sign up, you will be asked which neighborhood you'd like to be included in. Your share will be available at the same time, at the same spot each week through the season. We will email you a few weeks before the first delivery with details, including an address, parking, and where to find your add-ons. 

Pick up locations include:

Beacon Hill
Capitol Hill
Central District
Columbia City
Madison Valley
Ravenna / Sand Point
West Seattle
and our Farm in Carnation

Don't see your neighborhood? We need six members to start delivering to a new neighborhood. You can request a new location when you sign up!

Going on vacation? Be sure to let us know when you won't be able to pick up a share. Any shares not picked up after 48 hours will be donated to the local food back.

Bring back your box! In an effort to cut waste, we ship our produce in reusable wax boxes. We cannot stress enough how much we love when you return last week's box at each pick up. You can also transfer the produce to your own bag or box before taking it home—that way, we don't have to use our funds to buy more. Thank you!

What can I get besides produce?

Goose and Gander Farm also offers eggs, honey, flowers, fresh bread, and fresh poultry.

These items are add-ons, are optional, and additional fees apply. You can specify in your membership form which add-ons you would like, and how often. Eggs and flowers are available weekly or bi-weekly, honey and poultry are available once or twice through the season.

Add-ons can be found in and around the cooler at each pick-up location. Eggs and poultry will be kept inside the cooler, while flowers may be in the cooler or in a bucket nearby, depending on the order. Honey will be delivered in your share container. You will receive details on how to collect your add-ons in your confirmation email.

We also offer bulk flowers and vegetables! Are you planning an event this summer? Do you do a lot of canning or pickling? Goose and Gander Farm is happy to offer bulk flowers and vegetables. Both will be available for special order through our website.


How much does it cost?


Standard Share

$480 • about $22/week

Generously feeds two adults who cook at home three to four times a week. Typically contains 7-9 different items, depending on the season.

Large Share

$640 • about $29/week

Generously feeds a family of four. Includes everything in a regular share, but with more of the  basics (salad, onions, potatoes, etc.) and a couple of bonus items.


Dozen Eggs


Our free-range hens are treated to whatever scraps don't make it to the weekly boxes. They eat almost as good as you do, and it's reflected in the taste of our amazing eggs.


$12/8 oz. • $22/16 oz.

Honey is harvested a few times each season. Jars can be pre-ordered when you register for the CSA, and will be delivered as they become available. 
Harvest is late August.



Our farm is brightened by fields of flowers, but they're not just for show! They're hard at work attracting bees. Weekly bouquets change with the seasons, just like our produce.  Flowers are available for 16 weeks.

Fresh Poultry


Fresh poultry is available a couple of times throughout the season. Whole chickens can be pre-ordered when you register for your CSA, and will be delivered as they become available. Our chickens average four to five pounds, and we ask for a $10 deposit on each bird. 


Fresh Bread


Loaves of bread are baked fresh on the morning of delivery at Columbia City Bakery, and will rotate through one of four different styles each week. Columbia City's Evan Andres is a four-time James Beard award nominee for outstanding baker!



How do I pay?

We accept either a full payment or a half-payment deposit when you sign up, with the remaining balance due by June 1. We prefer checks or bank transfers. We also accept credit cards and Paypal, for an additional $10 processing fee. After you register, you will receive a confirmation email from us within a couple of days detailing how we accept payment. Please note we are not only the farmers but the office managers too!  During the season it can take us a bit longer to return email and send invoices.



How is my membership fee invested?

It takes months of work to bring our food to your table. Long before our first harvest, we begin the growing season by planning out our fields, buying seeds, stocking our supplies, and tuning up equipment. Your CSA membership supports our basic farm operation costs through the early part of the season and we appreciate your early payment! It helps us plan how much to plant, reduce waste, and make sure our land is as productive as possible. We truly could not do it without you!

We're committed to honest farming. Your membership fee is supporting our mission to grow the most flavorful produce in the Pacific Northwest. All too often, large-scale farming practices exhaust land and communities around the globe.


When you invest in Goose and Gander Farm, you are supporting small agriculture that focuses on quality & responsibility, not just profit. 

Who is Goose and Gander Farm, anyway?

Goose and Gander Farm is Meredith Molli and Pat McGlothlin. Along with our farm crew, we sow, tend, harvest, wash and deliver every piece of produce you receive.

Pat and Meredith in the field, 2014.

Our farm began in 2011 as one small acre in Fall City, Washington. By 2014, our operation had blossomed and we moved to a former dairy farm up the road in Carnation. Our four-person operation is dedicated to delivering vibrant food grown as responsibly as possible, for the benefit of our community and our land. We love to grow food, and we also love to cook, eat, and share that food with you!

Our Farm Stand and U-Pickle Patch open in early summer! Stop by and say hi whenever you're in our neck of the woods. And keep an eye out for the annual CSA Member Event, usually on a weekend in mid-July or early August. We love having everyone out to the farm to enjoy good food and good company. See you then!

Phew! Thanks for taking the time to read through all of that. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Ready to sign up?